Saturday, August 17, 2013

(124) two down four to go 5 Aug 2013

so the big news this week: sis williams and sis oborn got their visas! which I am really sad that they are leaving, but I'm excited for them. we got to go to President's last night and have dinner with them, so at least we got to see them before they left. they got them last tuesday and friday, and both left this morning! crazy. I'm still doing fine here, no I won't know anything until I get it, which no one seems to get so EVERYONE asks me. which is getting annoying, but that's okay. They are just trying to be nice. but seriously I will have no idea until I get it. but I still love it here, my spanish is getting so much better, I'm learning a lot, and our ward needs so much help right now.

other big news: i'm staying in los alamitos! President originally told us that he was planning on breaking up more trios but I think since two got their visas he thinks we'll be getting ours soon, plus there are so many more missionaries coming in. plus three more brazilian visa waiters! one will be in our zone so i might have someone to practice with, which will be good. our ward and district are all pretty much staying the same, we are only losing a few people out of the zone, which is nice. still got my spaniard! i've officially been her longest companion haha she's moved around so much. but her and hna anderson are amazing, we work so well together and we are really making progress in our area.

our area is doing well! we had a huge free clothing event at one of our chapels on Saturday for the community, which was INSANE amounts of clothes, all donated and all free. we had so many people show up, including some of our investigators and their families, and some less active members! one family we've been working with came to church on sunday, and that was really cool as well. our zone has set insanely high goals this transfer, we are going to be working SO hard but I can tell it's going to be so good for the area. we are hoping for 12 baptism in our district for the transfer (I think we had one last transfer...) and we are going to do all we can to reach it! we've gotten some really good potentials and some people are starting to progress, so it could happen!

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