Saturday, August 3, 2013


    22 Jul 2013

No, we didn't have any miracle baptisms or golden investigators or anything and our investigator that we thought was finally ready for baptism disappeared again on saturday.
and it's fantastic fantastic fantastic

So, this week we have really been thinking of what we can do to help the ward. We visit so many less actives and are working with the young women and we are trying to hold up so much of the ward that it's been really overwhelming. our original question was what we could to do help our investigators progress, but we honestly concluded that we just need to have more time to focus on our investigators and the members that sincerely need the missionary lessons. So since we were getting a new bishop and all, we were studying the preach my gospel ideals for how to work with ward and stake leaders etc etc and we just had this major epiphany of exactly what our ward needs from us, and made all these plans for how we can meet with the new bishop and all these other back up plans for what we can do to help, and all of these hopes and dreams all at once

and then sunday they announced the new bishop and it's our high council representative, Hermano Laugenour! which is amazing. he's been bishop before, and in the stake presidency, and he's been a part of the ward and ward council and has seen everything. he literally got straight to work right after sacrament meeting. pretty much all of the auxiliary leaders have been replaced in the past few weeks, and I can definitely tell that his leadership is going to help the ward so much. he has already made plans to meet with the mission president and with us this week (he said he would cancel anything if he had to). sis laugenour has already adopted us and made plans to go hiking next pday, she is so sweet! she doesn't understand a word of spanish but hopefully we can help her a bit.

Hopefully I'll get to stay here past the transfer, I might get transferred just to alleviate the trio buuuut i reallydon'twanttoleavenow. only if my visa comes. the last thing I need is get attached to more people here before I leave, it's getting really bad. At least I can come visit when I get home! As far as everything else that happened this week...I got sick again (yay) (which is also really weird, I've gotten sick more times in the past three months than in the past two years. WHY). but I'm doing fine, it's just a cold so far. we picked up a couple of new investigators so hopefully they are interested! AND WILL COME TO CHURCH :)

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