Monday, July 15, 2013

(98) sala de emergencias

yep so this week was super exciting. definitely spent all friday night in the emergency room. hermana anderson was having some abdominal pain but kind of dismissed it so we didn't really worry about it until thursday night, she really wasn't feeling good (and her admitting it was a big deal) so we retired early to get some studying done and the nurse told her to just call if it worsened. so friday morning rolls around and hna anderson is all "no, no I'm fine, let's go to work" so we got a few hours of service at goodwill, and went to visit a family downtown. halfway through the lesson her face just drained of color so we did the whole hand-signal irnos/time to go, "we really need to go, thank you" which the family interprets as "no, no, please feed us" so after a couple of bites of watermelon hna anderson looks like she is going to pass out. so we finally had to say "no really, she it's feeling well" "we have to go to the HOSPITAL. HOSPITAL" so we finally got out of there (yeah when the white handbook says no lesson more than 40 minutes? they weren't in the spanish program. we are lucky to get out of anywhere under an hour)
so we headed off to the ER and our wonderful zone leaders came and waited with us in the lobby, and it took forever (of course) to get her all checked in and by that time her pain had worsened and it took them an hour to get pain meds four hours later she finally got diagnosed with a kidney stone. which she had had for who knows how many days. so we got checked out at 11 pmand had to get a we might have had to go to dennys at midnight (president's orders, I promise) since we had had cookies for dinner.
so saturday we spent at home but hna anderson was all ready to go to church on sunday, crazy girl. on vicodin and everything. unfortunately none of our investigators showed up, despite the numerous phone calls/texts/visits/stopping by their house that morning/pleading on our knees to JUST COME TO CHUUURCH but that's okay. it'll happen. so no one is progressing since no one is coming to church. but a couple less actives showed up, yay! and despite our crazy weekend we still got 5 out of the 6 baptismal invites in our zone haha. but we are trying to work harder and be more focused and healthy and all of that. With any luck we will have a NORMAL week here soon!
also, I like how i'm hitting day 100 this week and i'm still not in brazil...awkward. maybe I should change the blog to 500 days of limbo
just kidding
(but really) I heard from the travel office with my own ears this morning that none of our visas are in, but honestly I am having a blast here and I love speaking spanish, and que sera, sera. c'est la vie!

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