Monday, July 15, 2013

(104) contactos y ratas

ahhhhh time is flying by and it's terrifying
well halfway through this transfer, and it has been night and day. we have focused so much on getting really quality lessons and contacts, and really focusing on the people here and not worrying about numbers. so that's been really great the past couple of weeks, but this week we finally met all of our higher goals and we felt so good about every one of them. I LOVE it here, especially with my companions. the ward will be splitting within the next two weeks, so we will get a new bishop soon and I think it will be really good for the ward to get some change and get things moving.
some things I've learned this week:
1. peanut butter and nutella oatmeal is the best thing that has ever happen to breakfast, thank you sis voyles
2. srarchia (how do you spell that? I have no idea...) whatever it is hot sauce tastes good on everything
3. everyone sells guava juice and it makes me SO HAPPY
also the adventure for the week was saturday morning we went down to the chapel to help hna lopez clean our the young women's closet that had not been touched in YEARS. like at least a decade. it was so bad. just packed with junk. she told us that there was a mouse in there, so we were prepared, so when tiffany turned on the vaccuum and started vaccuming up mouse poop from the shelves it peeked its head out from the bottom and, naturally, chaos ensued. hna lopez and tiffany start screaaaaming, I start laughing, and then hna lopez started trying to kill it so I was out of there (I saw it's face, it was so cute, I couldn't watch), as was tiffany, and hna anderson ran around the corner and stood on a chair. hna santidrian was the brave one who helped kill it. the poor blossom valley ward relief society was crafting in the gym, apparently oblivious to the terrorized screams coming from the hallway. they ended up killing it and we took two giant trash bags to the dumpster and the closet looks glorious now.
but the good news this week, one of the investigator's we've been working with for a while that we lost contact with is back! so we talked to him and asked him all of the baptismal interview questions, and he is ready! he's giving himself a month to make sure he can live all of the commandments after baptism so we will be working with him and checking up on his progress this month. but I am so happy for him! we weren't able to get anyone else to church but that's our goal for the week, to get especially two in particular to come, one just has to change her work schedule. but the work is definitely progressing! this week was amazing!
thanks for all of the emails and letters, keep 'em coming. love you all, have a fantastic week!!

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