Wednesday, June 26, 2013

(76) quarantine

                                                                                            18 June 2013
 okay this computer just deleted my ENTIRE email. hooray for san jose public libraries
so to be entirely dramatic, WORST WEEK EVER. but then again, learned a lot, patience etc. etc. long story short:

mon: mission tour, which was great but took out a whole day
tues: p-day...and me and hma nielsen got sick but didn't think much of it (hint hint foreshadowing)
wed: spent over two hours waiting for an oil change...and all but one lesson fell through
thurs: got to go on a surprise trip through the temple with all of the visa waiters and missionaries going home! which was
fantastic...but that took more time off and then alllll of our lessons fell through again. so we jam packed friday and saturday, thinking we could still visit most people that we couldn't earlier in the week.

fri: went to bingo as usual, and we are sitting there eating when hma hall texts us and said that our nurse said that we have a really contagious virus and we are hereby ordered to stay home and rest and not talk to anyone for at least friday and saturday.
so there went the rest of the week. down the drain.
awful awful awful
and I had to take medicine the whole time (we were on dayquil at church...never doing that again)
and we knew we had gotten nothing done all week but we couldn't do anything about it
I learned a lot of patience and had plently of time to bond with Hma Nielsen in mutual frustration...Hma Santidrian turned out completely unscathed (must be her Spanish blood), so she got to go out with a member on friday night and hma hall helped us out on saturday, so we got a couple more lessons. 
and we also had plenty of time to worry about all of our investigators that are not progressing but that's okay. um dia...
oh and I made a really cool case for my scriptures...and we watched every church movie ever made and my spanish is getting way better...portuguese on the other hand utterly failed me on sunday. so room to improve.

so now I am ready to GET TO WORK this week. even though I still have an awful cough and hma nielsen can't speak. oh well. somos mucho mejor. and I will never take for granted my ability to speak/without coughing/etc. I've really gotten lax about really studying my scriptures and companionship study is virtually nonexistent or limited to five minutes so I'm really going to work on that this week. so! nowhere to go but up from here! next week is going to be fantastic, all i'm gonna say.

happy father's day dad!! oh and mom, I was really excited that I finally got a letter...and then it was jury duty. thanks mom. feel free to send happy mail too. AND SEND ME PICTURES AND VIDEOS OF THE PUPPY PLEASEEEEE ahhhhh. i did get to hold a bunny and a brand new kitten that fell asleep in my I'm doing okay here. just kind of sick of all the chihuahuas. I hope you all have a great week! te amo muito!

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