Wednesday, June 26, 2013

(83) esperanza

so. this transfer has been quite the experience, to say the least. me and hermana santidrian are getting transferred! but within the zone, and probably in the same apartment, so who knows what that means. she is training so I'll be in another trio, but Hma Nielsen is staying Los Alamitos A but that makes sense to someone somewhere apparently. guess we will find out tomorrow!

this week had a lot of lessons fall through, no one is progressing, etc etc. one of the investigators I felt really close to is now in Modesto for two months, so I won't be able to be in contact with her probably. we had to drop (stop visiting) "Grandma" who we taught a couple of lessons to (she is a great-great grandma...reeeeally old), because she told us to come back another day, so we did: the screen door was open, the TV on, we could SEE her in the kitchen.

"buenos dias Maria"
"buenos dias"
no answer. she could SEE us.
Some people.

anyway, that's the life of a missionary I guess. We went to santa cruz on monday again...hey why not. we had a really cool week with one of our part member families, the parents and oldest son are members but the youngest daughter is 11 and hasn't been baptized. The parent's aren't interested for themselves but they want us to teach their kids and for them to decide what they want to do. we watched the testaments (which even makes ME cry. every time.) with them and invited the daughter to be baptized, and they actually came with us yesterday to a baptism in Yerba Buena, even the son who hasn't been interested. SO COOL! and they really felt the spirit, AND the mom wants to take them up to see the temple! so that made the whole week worth it. and our long lost investigator showed up to stake conference and the missionary fireside yesterday, and said he feels ready to be baptized! yesssssss good day. the missionary broadcast was so awesome, but we literally spent the whole day in the church building (I call it the umbridge chapel, EVERYTHING is pink and carpeted. seriously everything in that building.) besides the baptism in the other building.

but I thought a lot about hope this week, and how much I feel like I'm being refined. but it's the hope that sustains us and keeps us living in the moment and enjoying what we have. I really had to learn to trust in the Lord this week, and I say that every week, but it's a process! i thought a lot about "having the faith not to be healed" like Elder Bednar said in a CES devotional, and it's really hard. but so worth it. also I am SO glad I'm staying with hma santidrian, she's the best foster mom in the world.

happy birthday shoutout to MEGAN DOUGHERTY this week I LOVE YOUUU
so my address should stay the same this transfer since we aren't moving after all
os extrano mucho, hasta luego!

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