Wednesday, June 12, 2013

(67) me encanta ver el templo

esta semana estaba LOCA.
so we definitely had a harder week as far as teaching lessons, a lot of them fell through. It ended up being okay numbers-wise, but it was definitely disappointing for a few days. we're just spoiled normally I guess. I really wanted to work on being more confident approaching people and testifying this week, and I really think I improved! still slightly scary to go up to some people on the street, let's face it: downtown san jose? better than TV sometimes. had my first runner this week! hermana santidrian was on exchanges so me and hermana nielson went contacting downtown, met quite the assortment of people, and when we were walking back there was a man waiting for the crosswalk. so naturally, as the nice, friendly sister missionary I am, went up and asked him how is day was going.
"Oh really? I'm sorry to hear that, how come?"
"I'm old."
*light turns green*
"...old and wise enough to know when someone WANTS something from me!"
and proceeds to sprint across the street, across the parking lot to his car, gets in, and peels out.
Have a good day....God loves you....
hahaha it was actually hilarious. Yet sad at the same time.
We met with a lot of less actives and actually a lot of investigators this week. we had a cool experience at service where one of the people we work with every week saw a documentary on the church and was asking a TON of questions, so we basically taught him the first two lessons! unfortunately no one that we met with it progressing right now, so its been hard to help them. but we are really focusing on the Book of Mormon this week, because I know that it can really make the difference. We got to hear from Elder Echo Hawk of the 70 today, which was so awesome, we got to go to the visitors center by the temple in Oakland on Saturday, and I got to see Sister Barker last night and Sisters Jensen and Williams today, so that was a tender mercy. I've definitely been lucky to be in my companionship, visa waiting is really hard. but I know the Lord has a plan for us here so we'll see! Thanks for all the prayers and support, love you all!

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