Wednesday, June 12, 2013

(63). Hallelujah

well this week was an adventure. In a good way as always!
I made it a goal to try to talk to more people this week as we contacted, since I usually let my companions do most of the work. and it was so great! we ended up giving out three more book of mormons just last week and I talked to a loooot of people. my favorite was a minister who stopped to talk to us and give his very extravagant testimony and proceeded to quote half of the bible to us, interjected with a few "praise God" and "hallelujah"s. he was very excited that we were preaching about Jesus Christ haha it was fun.
so we fasted and prayed a lot for our ward this week, especially the leadership and those who we are trying to contact and help who don't come to church often. so we get to ward council Sunday morning, and they announce a brand new ward forming in the neighboring stake, which will take quite a few families, including the Bishop of our ward this August! que loco! so we have a LOT of work to do until then so the ward will be okay when it splits. It is funny how the Lord answers prayers sometimes, never in the way that I expect. but I guess it will work out of course!
we taught so many people this week, it was so fun! we now have two people preparing for baptism next month and a few more that want to be baptized. two of them were former investigators that we hadn't met before, but we met them this week and taught them, and they are both very interested. one had her nephew over, so we ended up teaching the first lesson in English and in Spanish at the same time to the two of them (beauty of a trio) and gave them each a book of mormon, it was so cool! LOVE being a missionary.
yesterday we got to go to santa cruz (santa cruth por hermana espana), which was sooo nice. sincethey took away santos, its nice to be able to at least visit the beach here. quite the coordination headache but we ended up going down with some elders and just spent the afternoon on the wharf and at the beach. definitely nice to relax for once. but everything else has been going well, i've been teaching and participating a lot more in spanish so I think I'm finally over the portuguese-spanish confusion thing. but we'll see how that goes. as soon as I'm comfortable here and don't want to leave, I'm sure I'll get my visa. so we'll see.
sorry i'm running behind on letters but I will do my best next monday! os amo voces, ate proxima semana!

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