Wednesday, June 26, 2013

(83) esperanza

so. this transfer has been quite the experience, to say the least. me and hermana santidrian are getting transferred! but within the zone, and probably in the same apartment, so who knows what that means. she is training so I'll be in another trio, but Hma Nielsen is staying Los Alamitos A but that makes sense to someone somewhere apparently. guess we will find out tomorrow!

this week had a lot of lessons fall through, no one is progressing, etc etc. one of the investigators I felt really close to is now in Modesto for two months, so I won't be able to be in contact with her probably. we had to drop (stop visiting) "Grandma" who we taught a couple of lessons to (she is a great-great grandma...reeeeally old), because she told us to come back another day, so we did: the screen door was open, the TV on, we could SEE her in the kitchen.

"buenos dias Maria"
"buenos dias"
no answer. she could SEE us.
Some people.

anyway, that's the life of a missionary I guess. We went to santa cruz on monday again...hey why not. we had a really cool week with one of our part member families, the parents and oldest son are members but the youngest daughter is 11 and hasn't been baptized. The parent's aren't interested for themselves but they want us to teach their kids and for them to decide what they want to do. we watched the testaments (which even makes ME cry. every time.) with them and invited the daughter to be baptized, and they actually came with us yesterday to a baptism in Yerba Buena, even the son who hasn't been interested. SO COOL! and they really felt the spirit, AND the mom wants to take them up to see the temple! so that made the whole week worth it. and our long lost investigator showed up to stake conference and the missionary fireside yesterday, and said he feels ready to be baptized! yesssssss good day. the missionary broadcast was so awesome, but we literally spent the whole day in the church building (I call it the umbridge chapel, EVERYTHING is pink and carpeted. seriously everything in that building.) besides the baptism in the other building.

but I thought a lot about hope this week, and how much I feel like I'm being refined. but it's the hope that sustains us and keeps us living in the moment and enjoying what we have. I really had to learn to trust in the Lord this week, and I say that every week, but it's a process! i thought a lot about "having the faith not to be healed" like Elder Bednar said in a CES devotional, and it's really hard. but so worth it. also I am SO glad I'm staying with hma santidrian, she's the best foster mom in the world.

happy birthday shoutout to MEGAN DOUGHERTY this week I LOVE YOUUU
so my address should stay the same this transfer since we aren't moving after all
os extrano mucho, hasta luego!

(76) quarantine

                                                                                            18 June 2013
 okay this computer just deleted my ENTIRE email. hooray for san jose public libraries
so to be entirely dramatic, WORST WEEK EVER. but then again, learned a lot, patience etc. etc. long story short:

mon: mission tour, which was great but took out a whole day
tues: p-day...and me and hma nielsen got sick but didn't think much of it (hint hint foreshadowing)
wed: spent over two hours waiting for an oil change...and all but one lesson fell through
thurs: got to go on a surprise trip through the temple with all of the visa waiters and missionaries going home! which was
fantastic...but that took more time off and then alllll of our lessons fell through again. so we jam packed friday and saturday, thinking we could still visit most people that we couldn't earlier in the week.

fri: went to bingo as usual, and we are sitting there eating when hma hall texts us and said that our nurse said that we have a really contagious virus and we are hereby ordered to stay home and rest and not talk to anyone for at least friday and saturday.
so there went the rest of the week. down the drain.
awful awful awful
and I had to take medicine the whole time (we were on dayquil at church...never doing that again)
and we knew we had gotten nothing done all week but we couldn't do anything about it
I learned a lot of patience and had plently of time to bond with Hma Nielsen in mutual frustration...Hma Santidrian turned out completely unscathed (must be her Spanish blood), so she got to go out with a member on friday night and hma hall helped us out on saturday, so we got a couple more lessons. 
and we also had plenty of time to worry about all of our investigators that are not progressing but that's okay. um dia...
oh and I made a really cool case for my scriptures...and we watched every church movie ever made and my spanish is getting way better...portuguese on the other hand utterly failed me on sunday. so room to improve.

so now I am ready to GET TO WORK this week. even though I still have an awful cough and hma nielsen can't speak. oh well. somos mucho mejor. and I will never take for granted my ability to speak/without coughing/etc. I've really gotten lax about really studying my scriptures and companionship study is virtually nonexistent or limited to five minutes so I'm really going to work on that this week. so! nowhere to go but up from here! next week is going to be fantastic, all i'm gonna say.

happy father's day dad!! oh and mom, I was really excited that I finally got a letter...and then it was jury duty. thanks mom. feel free to send happy mail too. AND SEND ME PICTURES AND VIDEOS OF THE PUPPY PLEASEEEEE ahhhhh. i did get to hold a bunny and a brand new kitten that fell asleep in my I'm doing okay here. just kind of sick of all the chihuahuas. I hope you all have a great week! te amo muito!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

(67) me encanta ver el templo

esta semana estaba LOCA.
so we definitely had a harder week as far as teaching lessons, a lot of them fell through. It ended up being okay numbers-wise, but it was definitely disappointing for a few days. we're just spoiled normally I guess. I really wanted to work on being more confident approaching people and testifying this week, and I really think I improved! still slightly scary to go up to some people on the street, let's face it: downtown san jose? better than TV sometimes. had my first runner this week! hermana santidrian was on exchanges so me and hermana nielson went contacting downtown, met quite the assortment of people, and when we were walking back there was a man waiting for the crosswalk. so naturally, as the nice, friendly sister missionary I am, went up and asked him how is day was going.
"Oh really? I'm sorry to hear that, how come?"
"I'm old."
*light turns green*
"...old and wise enough to know when someone WANTS something from me!"
and proceeds to sprint across the street, across the parking lot to his car, gets in, and peels out.
Have a good day....God loves you....
hahaha it was actually hilarious. Yet sad at the same time.
We met with a lot of less actives and actually a lot of investigators this week. we had a cool experience at service where one of the people we work with every week saw a documentary on the church and was asking a TON of questions, so we basically taught him the first two lessons! unfortunately no one that we met with it progressing right now, so its been hard to help them. but we are really focusing on the Book of Mormon this week, because I know that it can really make the difference. We got to hear from Elder Echo Hawk of the 70 today, which was so awesome, we got to go to the visitors center by the temple in Oakland on Saturday, and I got to see Sister Barker last night and Sisters Jensen and Williams today, so that was a tender mercy. I've definitely been lucky to be in my companionship, visa waiting is really hard. but I know the Lord has a plan for us here so we'll see! Thanks for all the prayers and support, love you all!

(63). Hallelujah

well this week was an adventure. In a good way as always!
I made it a goal to try to talk to more people this week as we contacted, since I usually let my companions do most of the work. and it was so great! we ended up giving out three more book of mormons just last week and I talked to a loooot of people. my favorite was a minister who stopped to talk to us and give his very extravagant testimony and proceeded to quote half of the bible to us, interjected with a few "praise God" and "hallelujah"s. he was very excited that we were preaching about Jesus Christ haha it was fun.
so we fasted and prayed a lot for our ward this week, especially the leadership and those who we are trying to contact and help who don't come to church often. so we get to ward council Sunday morning, and they announce a brand new ward forming in the neighboring stake, which will take quite a few families, including the Bishop of our ward this August! que loco! so we have a LOT of work to do until then so the ward will be okay when it splits. It is funny how the Lord answers prayers sometimes, never in the way that I expect. but I guess it will work out of course!
we taught so many people this week, it was so fun! we now have two people preparing for baptism next month and a few more that want to be baptized. two of them were former investigators that we hadn't met before, but we met them this week and taught them, and they are both very interested. one had her nephew over, so we ended up teaching the first lesson in English and in Spanish at the same time to the two of them (beauty of a trio) and gave them each a book of mormon, it was so cool! LOVE being a missionary.
yesterday we got to go to santa cruz (santa cruth por hermana espana), which was sooo nice. sincethey took away santos, its nice to be able to at least visit the beach here. quite the coordination headache but we ended up going down with some elders and just spent the afternoon on the wharf and at the beach. definitely nice to relax for once. but everything else has been going well, i've been teaching and participating a lot more in spanish so I think I'm finally over the portuguese-spanish confusion thing. but we'll see how that goes. as soon as I'm comfortable here and don't want to leave, I'm sure I'll get my visa. so we'll see.
sorry i'm running behind on letters but I will do my best next monday! os amo voces, ate proxima semana!