Monday, May 20, 2013

48) brincadera, hablo ESPANOL

AH so I'm finally here! this week was insane.
okay. the last weekend in the MTC was awesome, we had a ton of stuff to do and the goodbyes were awful of course, but we all made it. Everyone from our district was leaving on different days so half of the people were gone from class and stuff half of the time so that got a little crazy. Our last Sunday was full of meetings, but we got to sing one last time in sacrament meeting and President Hodges had all of the sisters get up and recite our missionary purpose in Portuguese, which was really cool. All of the Elders left on Tuesday except Elder Shipp, so we had a pretty empty district. for our final meal we had SALMON of course I start hypothesizing, since the last time we had salmon Elder Scott came. Sure enough we head to devotional and Elder Russell M. Nelson comes in! He and his wife gave fantastic talks on our commitments as missionaries and working with family history, it was a perfect send-off.
Then the blessed alarm clock goes off at 4:15 and we have to scramble to get everything packed and to the travel office to ride the buses up to SLC. There were 26 of us going to San Jose, crazy! The flight was less than two hours, so we got picked up by a few of the senior couples and dropped off at the Institute and then they handed us a stack of pass-along cards and flyers and let us loose on campus. Surprise. It was really fun; most of the people didn't even say hi to us or anything, but still cool! We went back to the mission home and met President and Sister Watkinds, who are HILARIOUS. but SO awesome. He is a fantastic president, I can see why they have so many pilot programs here. So our official program is that we are the only mission in the world that doesn't tract (knock on doors), we just do a certain number of community service hours a week instead and do a lot of contacting on the street and stuff. Which has been so fun, I got to actually organize the shelves at goodwill (dream come true) and police quite the rowdy game of bingo at the Salvation Army senior center.
So yes, I am speaking Spanish!! And I definitely got what I asked for, it is pretty hard! Wednesday we spent at orientation and stuff and got a fancy roast beef dinner (which was fantastic), so we didn't get assigned companions until Thursday. Half of us are speaking Spanish in trios, Sister Williams and Sister Oborn are speaking English. I'm with Hermana Santidrian, who is from Spain, and Hermana Nielson from Utah, which has been really fun. We are in Los Alamitos, which covers a lot of downtown San Jose since we are spanish speaking. It's definitely hard to speak Spanish without Portuguse coming out, especially in prayers and stuff, but I can understand everyone just fine. I did have to bear my testimony in Spanish in front of the whole ward on day 3...but apparently it was intelligible so tudo bem.
We are working with a lot of less-active families and recent converts, but we did get to teach a couple people who are working to get baptized on June 2! The people here are so fantastic, I love getting to know them. But boy they love to talk and they love to feed It tastes delicious but I hardly eat anything throughout the day so I have room for dinner! So no word on the visa situation, I'll just be here in a trio until then. President is so amazing though, he offered to take all of us together and he was a horribly mistreated visa waiter himself so he pities us haha. I'm not getting trained or anything til I get to Brazil, so I'm just hanging out trying to speak Spanish until then! vamos ver!

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