Friday, May 3, 2013

(31) diligentemente

AH ola. Okay it's been awhile, we had our schedules shifted around, so hopefully I'll remember everything that happened.
first off, thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! My district was fabulous, I got silly-stringed by the lovely Sister Barker, sung to in Portuguese (which is super fun, they clap along to a song sung to the same tune as happy birthday), Elder Bell was kind enough to say "feliz aniversario" every five seconds, and Sisters Jensen, Brooks, and Oborn provided all the junk food so we had another pig out party last night. So all in all it was a good day.
Some new things happened this week, we had to say goodbye to Sister Aledo, who got her visa and headed off to the Brazil CTM last Tuesday. That was kind of a bummer but I'm so excited for her. Sister (Kaylee) Brooks from my BYU ward last semester who is going to Curitiba, joined our district for the week since there was a mixup and she didn't get her reassignment until the other day. And we got to move into their room so all of the sisters are together now, wooo!
Sister Williams and I were probably outside of class more than inside this week....Monday she had to go to the dentist to get a root canal, so I got to sit in the lobby and study with Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars on the radio....yeah I did okay. Tuesday was our half-pday so that we could do laundry and stuff, so we only had two hours of class. Wednesday, Irma Ricks recommended me and sister Williams to demonstrate teaching for the new missionaries in the "How to Begin Teaching" workshop everyone attends on their first night in the MTC, which was actually really cool. I thought it would be intimidating being the first impression for 75 new missionaries, but it felt just like a normal lesson. We just introduced ourselves and began the discussion, but we would stop as soon as we began to teach. One of the "investigators" was a man from Guatemala, I dont' remember what city but it's on one of the roads leading out of Quatro Caminos, so that was really fun! Plus our moderator was Elder Christensen from the District we felt kind of MTC famous, nbd.
Irma Ricks has been pretty much our only regular teacher when we can teach a progressing investigator since Irmao Horman left. We've had various substitutes filling in every day, most speaking Portuguese, so we've got to learn a lot from different teaching methods and stuff. and we've taught a lot of first lessons...haha. it's been fun though. One, Irmao Pinho, was from Brazil, so he answered all of our cultural questions and that was really fun. eu AMO os brazileiros, they are so fun and so friendly! I'm blessed to be able to go there. Even if no one wants to hear our message, they are just naturally friendly and welcoming, it sounds like a fantastic place. I can't wait to go. Or wherever I end up, I should be getting my reassigment next week! eeeeeeeek
speaking of assignments, MADISON parabens! I'm sad you aren't coming to brazil but ecuador!! that's so awesome. just trust me, get your visa papers in as soon as you can! haha. and good luck to everyone going in the next few weeks, but you will all love it. I can't believe we only have ten days left, but at the same time I'm so excited to go. wherever I end up, I just want to meet and talk to real people. hopefully I get to brazil soon though! if we still had to be here for nine weeks...that would be hard. gym time outside is what SAVES me, we've been playing soccer and frisbee and it is SO nice to just be outside and move. I would go crazy if we couldn't.
We haven't had any more exciting moments recently that I can remember...except for the tiliapia the other day. Fantastic. They serve the best meals sunday and tuesday nights, I think to impress the people coming for devotional. although the meal rotation started over again on wednesday, so I got to repeat my first meals in the gets better. thankfully. We did have Elder Stephen B Allen come last sunday, and he was hilarious. He had everyone stand up for various things, including if anyone had been "dear john"ed already ("on behalf of all RM's, thank you for the donation"). They really say what they think here, it's hilarious. We also got to watch the Character of Christ by Bednar, which everyone talks about, but that's because it is SO fantastic. He talks about how naturally we turn inward when it comes to trials or just daily life, but the Savior always turns outward to think of others. It was a fantastic reminder to grow in Christlike attributes. we also sang "precious savior, dear Redeemer" in choir, but it was a totally different melody and changed the song completely, I loved it. Choir is the best.
Overall everything else has been pretty routine, it's been so fun to run into people I know here. I think it would be so cool to teach here when I get back, but we'll see how many brazilian portuguese teachers they'll need. if this visa stuff keeps up I might be able to get a job! It would be such a great environment to work in anyway, even if I couldn't teach. We'll see. I'm just so excited to get out on the field. 10 more days!
sou grata para todas as oracaos y pensamentos, boa sorte com tudas suas coisas y trabalhos que precisem fazer. vos amo muito!

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