Saturday, April 27, 2013

(21) I Know Because I know Him

oi amigos!
SUCH A GOOD WEEK. started off tuesday night at choir, then we get to dinner and they have SALMON AND QUINOA. yes you read that right. THANK GOODNESS FOR 50% SISTERS IN THE MTC i thought sisters jensen and williams were going to CRY they were so I happy. I almost did.
then as if it couldn't get any better we're singing prelude at devotional and
such an incredible devotional. he repeated a lot of things just to stress how important they were. he talked about prayer and communication with our Heavenly Father, it was so powerful. He also gave us a blessing that we could master our languages, which my district really needed. He even got up after the closing song before the prayer (sister jensen: "I have never seen an apostle move so fast!") to repeat that our calls were inspired and we were called to succeed. My favorite quotes were that "we will never regret the service we give" and when he said "I know my Savior lives; I know because I know Him." it was amazing.
the rest of the week went pretty well! portuguese has been coming along. except SOMEBODY (my district leader) is telling EVERYONE that I'm really good at portuguese so now random people in my branch are coming up to me and saying, "oh you're sister cooper? I heard you are really good at portuguese/speak french/etc. etc." Could be worse, but everyone was teasing my when I was worried about going over 2.5 minutes when we all prepare talks for church on sunday. The language has been going well though; everyone is progressing so fast. I just drilled a lot of verbs this week and got those down.
funny/awesome story: we started teaching nossa pesquisadora "Alesha" yesterday but totally thought we assigned her a different chapter in the Book of Mormon to read, so we ask her about what she thought and she flips to Ether 12 and starts talking about it. So I play it cool and pretend like I knew all along and start talking about what I loved about that chapter, and then sister Williams chimes in with the perfect segway scripture and we go on with the lesson. afterwards I thank her for saying that scripture and she says that she had NO idea what we were talking about. she had no idea we were in ether 12 and was actually going to assign that for her to read for next time. so that definitely testified to us that the spirit helped us out there because it fit absolutely perfectly in the lesson. so that was really cool. but now we are making sure to remember exactly what we assign...haha. I love teaching in portuguese though, those lessons go way better than our english ones. we are getting new schedules next week (my pday is probably switching to Friday next week) and a brazilian teacher! so excited! elder bell's friend from sao paulo came to class and talked about sao paulo and portuguese and it was sooo nice. and taught us some slang words...since elder hill keeps making up ridiculous english expressions into's hilarious.
so our district comes up with random things to do sometimes, like vote someone off the island (who is getting their visa first) and guessing where everyone is getting reassigned (elder bell assigned me to Tennesee)...and then it morphs into "if we were a hunter/gatherer tribe...." I would also be the gatherer/medicine woman...and they all think I look like Ke$ha...if she was mormon. haha another funny story, last night irma ricks asked me to read something in our grammar book and all the elders were talking so I proceeded to begin reading in a LOUD VOICE so they would QUIET DOWN and irma ricks was like "I'm so surprised to hear that sass coming from sister cooper.." and IMMEDIATELY all the elders said "are you kidding? EVERY DAY. ALL THE TIME." all at once hahaha. So I have solidified my sassy reputation. don't worry, the elders all dish it out and take it like nobody's business. we're district 54-C...C for sassy.
this week really was fantastic as far as teaching and stuff goes, sister williams is awesome. also she is hilarious. she pretends to be all mature half the time...HA. but we really work well together, I'm so grateful for all the sisters in my district as well. I was losing it yesterday morning because I was SO TIRED, I could NOT keep my eyes open, but then I had the brilliant idea to take a nap during gym...BEST IDEA EVER. and with all the snacks everyone gets (Elder Zimmerman averages 1.3 packages of candy a DAY and Sister Oborn probably 0.7) I think I'll make it the next three weeks. halfway there! ahhh can't wait.
muiiiiiito obrigada para todos os letters e packages e prayers, love you all! please please write, I want to hear about all of your lives! tem uma otima semana!

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