Friday, April 19, 2013

(14) Because I have been given much

Okay sorry this week is going to be short, I don't have much time!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN!! I LOVE YOU! and I'm SO excited for you. eat lots of delicious healthy things for me please.
Okay, time is starting to fly by now. Probably because I am SO tired all of the time....the days are kind of blending together. in a zombie-like way. but also in a good way! learning so much!
we finally got to teach em Portugues! it actually went really well, me and sister williams were able to talk the whole time without any notes or prompts. our district has been getting really discouraged though after the first lesson, a lot of them had a really hard time. it is really hard to teach yourself a language, which is basically what we are doing. definitely blessed to have studied language before, it really helps.
favorite parts of the week:
our district has been slowly descending into madness, aka everyone's goofy and downright insane sides are coming out under pressure. Let's just say it's been really entertaining, especially since everyone's english grammar is going down the drain and we are all sleep-deprived. (and my whole district knows who Janoonoo is now...) new goal for the week is to actually get something done during class time...but it is hard to stay motivated.
our hermanas are leaving this week so we are getting a room to ourselves (weird). but we ran into them in the hallway yesterday and they "street contacted" me in spanish, so I got to have a little conversation in spanish and it all came back super fast, so I was excited about that! hopefully I'll meet some bolivianos or get to use spanish in brazil. if we ever get there...but that's another story. I really am grateful to be in Provo now.
during the relief society (sisters) meeting on sunday, Mary Edmunds gave a talk. SHE IS HILARIOUS. And SO inspirational, she's been on like four missions, loved her. amist the hilarity she talked a lot about letting others servce you, especially the missionaries around you, which I really need to work on as well. she was fantastic.
during sunday night devotional, they talked about and how awesome it is, WHICH IT IS. everyone should go on there and read the bios and FAQs, they are so good.
choir director is HILARIOUS but tells us the story behind the songs we are singing, this week was nearer my god to thee, which is about Jacob's ladder and the birthright, so cool.
my favorite really was after the sunday devotional when we sang because I have been given much. I've always known I've been incredibly blessed in my life and really wanted to know why I have been when so many others have struggled, but it definitely hit me that the Lord has blessed me with so much so I could be here right now serving a mission and sharing my blessings and talents and the joy I've discovered in the love of Jesus Christ with all those around me. I've always kind of knew that, but my purpose as a missionary right now really hit me during that song. I also was reflecting on that when we went to the temple today, and the line from a poor wayfaring man of grief just played in my head, "and peace bound up my broken heart." I know that giving up all that I have right now to the Lord has brought me such peace, and I know that giving up whatever you can to help someone else truly can mend any hurt you have. I'm so grateful for all I have and for all of you, so blessed to be here now.
one thing I loved from Mary Edmunds' talk was when she said "Just let Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost love you today." So many times we all try to be perfect and work hard and do our best (especially here in the MTC), but sometimes we just need to step back and let the Lord love us. really powerful testimony.
thanks so much for all of the letters and prayers! (JANEA YOUR PACKAGE!! I LOVE YOU! the picture of the sao paulo temple is on our classroom door :) you are fantastic.)
love you all
tenha uma otimo semana!
sister cooper

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