Saturday, December 28, 2013


23 December 2013

FELIZ NATAL! I can't believe it's already Christmas. Crazy.

This week was all over the place. we had to go to the mission office on monday (but President gave us money to go get sushi so that was worth it), wednesday (to carpool to a Santa Cruz...with two hours of traffic on the way home), and friday (nothing exciting happened). so it was hard to get things done this week. But we managed.

Tuesday night we got to go up to the temple to see the Christmas lights! That was really cool. there was a lot of traffic though so we didn't have much time in the visitor's center, so that was a bummer, but the people we brought loved it anyway. I exchanged with the Hermanas on Thursday so I got to be back in Spanish for the day! it was so much fun! except we didn't even have dinner so I feel slighted. but that's okay. We had such an amazing day with them, we invited ten people to be baptized and got three new investigators. Of course when I'm gone from my area we get two new investigators as well, but that's usual. Everything exciting happens in my area when I'm gone.

speaking of exciting things our car died again yesterday, so we had to get it jumped. again. Someday we'll get a corolla. oh and sister voyles has been sick all week, so after coughing on me all week I was bound to get sick as well, so our whole zone is coughing and sneezing and losing their voices. Merry Christmas.

We did get a Brazilian meal on Saturday! One of our members has a son who just got home from Sao Paulo East, so he was home for the holidays and made us estroganoffe. it wasn't really that different, but it was still fun.

Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! We've been talking about gifts we can give the Savior this Christmas, after all He has given us, so pick one thing to change this week! One thing to do better; one thing that will make the Savior happy, and I can promise you that Christmas will mean so much more. Remember what the Prophet said the other week, when we take the last syllable off of the spirit of Christmas, it becomes the spirit of Christ, which we can have with us always.

Merry Christmas! Miss you all!

(258) "if you had answered your phone..."

                     16 Dec 2013

okay this week was the longest week of my LIFE. for so many reasons.

so remember when we didn't have the phone all weekend...and joked that President probably called like four times...and the world crashed and burned and horrible things happened that we didn't find out because we didn't have a phone? Well...we got a call at 9:26 Monday night on the Hermanas' phone, it was the Assistants saying that they, the coordinating STL, and PRESIDENT had been calling us all weekend, and they finally called the zone leaders to see why we weren't answering, who told them what happened. So I got called as a sister training leader and President did the whole "if you had answered your phone in the last 72 hours you would have known..." in front of everyone at transfer meeting. whoops. sorry. It wasn't our fault!

Anyways, so I'm STL now, which should be really fun. I cover two zones and get to go on exchanges almost every week...and certify all these people even though I haven't even been officially I guess President knows what he is doing because I don't! But we are having a meeting in Santa Cruz this week, so I think I'm going to like this assignment.

Last week was really fun, we had a stake musical fireside, and us four sisters had to sing an a cappella song....that we arranged a half hour before it started...and there were so many people there...and I sang alto all by myself...but hey, it's over. Apparently it didn't sound as bad as I thought, so that's good. Or everyone is just being really nice. Oh well. We also got to volunteer at the Christmas creche in Palo Alto, which is like the Eugene one on steroids, it's ridiculous. But it was really cool.

The work in our area has reached an all time low, which has been really hard. We've dropped or have been dropped by nearly all of our investigators, so we are pretty much starting from square one. We just got brand new elders in Central Park, so we are basically all whitewashing. Yay. I've really learned to not be so concerned with goals and numbers, I've been lucky to always get good numbers every week, but the past couple weeks have been terrible, but we've been working harder than ever. It's hard that it is that way, but I think every area goes through ups and downs, and I've really learned to not compare myself to others and all that matters in the end is that you tried your hardest and you really are using every second of the day as best as you can.

This week should be really fun though, it's almost CHRISTMAS (what happened to the time....), and we have a lot of potentials to visit this week. and we finally have a working phone. and things honestly can't get much worst from last week, so it should be good!

enjoy the holiday pictures.

Monday, December 9, 2013

(251) joy to the world

                                            9 Dec 2013

okay. chalk up one more week of adventures. Christmastime brings all sorts of things, like awkward Christmas pictures (you'll get to see those later), power outages, broken cell phones...yeah it was a great week.

Yes the cold snap has hit Fremont and WE'RE DYING. the brazilian wardrobe is being stretched to its limit. yesterday we just had to run from the car to our appointments, and just stand by the heater wherever we go. At least we have a car. It was someone's brilliant idea to play sand volleyball last pday, so my feet are still numb from that. I did get myself an early christmas present and we went to whole foods. Heaveeeeen

The cherry on top of the week was that our phone completely stopped working on Friday, so we called the mission office, and they said we can get a new one by wednesday. Wednesday. Missionary work without a phone = impossible. We've lost quite a few of our investigator's that should be great. All of our contacts are going to be permanently lost too. Oh and I guess the power went out one day, so when we came home the security alarm was blaring...and we thought someone broke in (our street is a little sketch), so that was a little terrifying. Merry Christmas.

It was a really fun week though, we got to go up to the temple visitor's center in Oakland on wednesday! It was a really good experience for the girl we are teaching, she is hoping to finish the Book of Mormon this week, so that should be exciting! Our investigators have been doing really well, hopefully some of them will be ready for baptism soon. Oh and our ward mission leader's house not only is outfitted with blinking christmas lights and the blow-up Rudolph, but they have Christmas music blaring all evening. Best Christmas display ever. We are having a stake musical fireside next Sunday and the four of us sisters have to come up with something to sing in the next six days....I hope the new sister coming in isn't tone deaf, so that should be really fun.

We've been trying really hard, despite the weather and everything possible going wrong, but it's been amazing to see miracles this week! one day we walked around for twenty minutes and saw ten people, but we talked to all of them, invited four to be baptized, got four numbers, gave away two pamphlets, one book of mormon, and got one new investigator! It was incredible. (that never happens). We've been praying so hard, and hopefully we'll see some more miracles in our zone!

Transfers are tomorrow, we're getting a lot of new missionaries in the zone, but we are staying (phew). We might be getting new missionaries in one of our wards, so that will be really nice! we will see!

please don't forget Elder Ballard's invitation: if we all reach out in love to serve or invite just one person this season, how many MILLIONS will feel the love of Christ this Christmas! and "what greater gift can we give to our Savior!" feliz natal!

(244) happy thanksgiving x3

                                               2 Dec 2013

so thanksgiving week on a mission is pretty much the most boring week ever. it was SO hard to find people to teach this week...everything fell through, so that was obnoxious. But we got a lot set up for this week so hopefully we'll have some more luck soon!

thanksgiving itself was really slow, we did get to talk to a lot of people in the morning, then went to our three dinners. which we were so careful about not eating too much that we didn't even eat enough! It was nice to just enjoy our time there, but it was hard to not get as much work done.


We are putting up our tree today, we found one in the garage with a soda cup on top as a star....elders. and one of our members is a photographer so christmas cards are in the works! we tried to listen to christmas music in the car...but the mission christmas music is....not my thing. It's actually quite terrible, so we'll just have to sing our own.

We had advanced orientation this week for visa waiters, woohoo! after eight months of being here. but really. It was nice and it was fun to see everyone, but we had to take sister powell home to east palo alto (in the opposite direction) so that day, plus the fixing-the-furnace afternoon (we finally have a heater!), didn't help the great lesson drought of thanksgiving week. but the great thing about life is that you can always start over next week. and we've made plans to go up to the oakland temple to see the christmas lights with like three different people so hopefully we'll get up there soon!

(237) "excuse me, are you nuns?"

                                 25 Nov 2013                                   

This week we definitely learned a lot about goal setting and prayer. To the point where I just feel ridiculous for not setting prayerful goals every day so far. but really. It works. We had a bit of a slow start to the week, and it got to the point where Friday I decided that we were going to have seven lessons taught that day. Didn't know how it was going to work out but we planned seven people and a few backups like usual, but this day it was going to work out. so we headed out and prayed for seven lessons that day, which I don't think I had done before. We ended up not even getting that many lessons, but we had the best day! Just the fact that we set a goal and prayed for it allowed the Lord to bless us with so many miracles. almost half of the people we talked to were interested in learning more and gave us their information, we gave out like four referrals, and we contacted a former investigator. it was such a good afternoon. moral of the story: PRAY ABOUT EVERYTHING. it works.

We also had a cool experience yesterday, we were contacting around Niles until it started to get dark, so we were heading home and we saw a couple transient folk...and had that moment of "do we really want to go talk to them?" We've had quite our fair share of fun (weird) contacts...but I remember last Friday we did the same thing, we both looked at each other and said, "do we really want to contact the trench coat guy", but we did anyway, and he started crying because he really wanted to know more about Christ, and he was having a really hard time. So we decided to talk to these people, and the lady says, hey are you mormon? I'm Mormon! Crazy! and went on to explain how God always sends her members of the church at the times where she needs them the most, and we had a nice little lesson about prayer. You never know!

(not) funny story of the week: our CAR died last monday. we had stopped in a parking lot to look up who to visit next when our appointment fell through, and the car completely died. No reason. So ASL came and rescued us and jumped it...but it's been working fine just since. I think it was a sign that we needed to stop complaining about the maliboat and be grateful for having a car...but we just really want the corolla even more now. but we're too nice to take one from the elders, even though elder clayton told us we should, since we are sisters. but we feel bad.

we met with Miram, our Afghani friend to teach her English, and she said to "say hi to friend, say hi to family" she is SO cute. she always asks "the family good, the family good?" We also met with a Muslim man from Afghanistan and we talked about similarities between our religions, and he loved the family proclamation. we'll see how that goes but I loved meeting with him, it was fascinating. We had a hard week as far as our most progressing investigators...not progressing towards baptism, but we are still working on it. we got to speak in central park yesterday and got four referrals, one of which is another BRAZILIAN family! so we will see how that goes as well! tchau for now!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

(229) peeecan pie

                                                                     18 Nov 2013

this week was definitely an eye-opener. we were plugging away like always and nothing was working out, we went days with almost everything falling though, and we knew something needed to change. we've been more obedient than ever, and we were working hard, but I felt like something was missing. our investigator pool wasn't progressing, all of the potentials we got we haven't been able to contact, so it was kind of a hard week. but it was an opportunity to set some new goals!

it is hardest to see people who have a testimony but start getting scared, and put off making the commitment to be baptized. so we really have had to pray a lot to know how to help them, but it always comes back down to the basics. so we've been starting over with the basics by reading preach my gospel in our studies and going over the main lessons, and seeing how we could focus on the doctrine more, and really planning to use our time better. it's so easy to get lost in numbers and to do lists and forget the purpose of all we do, so we've been talking to EVERYONE and inviting everyone we see, and we've picked our potentials back up. we had zone conference this week too, which was awesome and helped jump start us in our new goals.

of course talking to everyone means chasing down some people on the street...and then you get the awkward moment of walking in the same direction. and then walking a half a mile out of the way just to act like you didn't just chase them down. even though you did. But hey, beats tracting any day.

LOWlight of the week: we've already had two thanksgiving dinners already and I felt like I was going to die after each one. so. much. food. I can't wait to choose how much I eat when I get back. but we had two baking adventures (catashtophes)...we had to make pumpkin bars for FHE but we forgot our eggs at the church...and we got really creative (didn't turn out so well). as for the pie for the thanksgiving dinner...hopefully no one ate it. we didn't have half the things the recipe called for, and we couldn't go to the store because P-day was over... Moral of the story: don't ask missionaries to bake things. We don't have time. Or money.

(223) he's a peach

                                       12 Nov 2013

sooo we are having way too many adventures here.
but really.  we'll be driving and start talking and literally forget where we are going...till we realize we drove waaay past where we were supposed to turn. it's really bad.
but I have never had such an awesome, obedient companionship and it is so much fun. we talk to EVERYONE and I love it. we've gotten more potential investigators in the past two weeks than the past 2 or 3 transfers.

some highlights of the week: we have been working with a less active family for a while, and finally got in with the kids (okay we brought them ice cream). but the grandma's testimony is really there and she can be the one to really bring them all back, so we are hopeful! I love the rescue SO much. we officially took over a lot of the work in central park this week so it might be a little crazy for a couple of weeks but hopefully we'll be working more over there soon.

our investigators are doing well, plugging along, but no one has made much real progression. the family that we work with to teach a couple of them is hunting with the royal family in that's normal.

we also got to work with the young women a lot this week, which was so fun. we did a missionary activity on tuesday and spoke at young women in excellence on Sunday. I really love working with the youth and teaching kids. they are so much easier to teach than adults, seriously. the primary program in centerville was this week and there were SO many people there it was incredible.

oh and then we go to an appointment with a boy we met on the street, who's mom is brazilian! so we knock and this guy answers, who is his stepdad who is also from brazil. so we chat for a bit and all of the sudden all these brazilians come to the door who don't speak english and they are all seven feet tall and it was terrifying. but I guess I made sense! hopefully we can teach him and his mom soon! we also are going to teach an afghani lady english, and we have an appointment with an Iranian man to talk about the book of mormon (in farsi!). I LOVE FREMONT.

funny story for the week: so we are at dinner with an older lady in one of the wards, and I had warned sister voyles that she would mention one of the guys in the ward that just got back from his mission and is over at school, because she always does. so we are in the middle of dinner and we made some comment that lead her to say, "you know....there is a guy who just got back from his mission....that so-and-so....he's just...a peach!"
sister voyles literally busted up laughing. so hard. but thankfully the lady thought it was a sneeze, and went off about all the cat hair in her house...and I just looked like a horrible companion that was laughing at my companion dying over there. it was so bad. but she didn't even notice.

oh and the centerville elders keep telling all the members that I'm one believes them. I have successfully kept the sarcasm within the missionary zone and I am very proud of myself. I can be pro.

have a great week y'all are the best!

(215) sister, what is cheese?

                                          3 Nov 2013

(sorry this didn't send last week, promise I wrote it!)

so transfers happened and guess who my new companion is SISTER VOYLES!!

I told everyone all week that sister voyles was getting trasferred so she was going to be my companion, no big deal. and then they announce us first at transfer meeting, we were kind of freaking out. I seriously have been so incredibly lucky with companions, this never happens. I think it's the blessings of being a visa waiter, and that president is perpetually apologizing to me for putting me in a trio. either way works for me!

so this week has been amazing! sister voyles is so obedient, and works so hard, and loves contacting, which if your companion loves contacting, it makes it fun. If they don't, it's horrible. so this week has been so much fun, we've spent most of our time walking around and talking to people, which was really fun on halloween. and we found not one but TWO BRAZILIAN FAMILIES!! one we have an appointment with to teach this week, but the other was referred by his neighbor, so we haven't caught them at home yet. vou ensinar no portugues esta semana! finalmente!

so we're currently taking over the central park ward, since ASL is down to two and elder le beau wants to focus more on the deaf branch so elder domingo, the dear elder, can teach more. elder domingo finally gave me a name sign! it's the sign for sister, then you make the letter C and basically mime wavy hair...because I have a lot of hair. but I feel so special now. he's also working on his english, so he'll take the phone sometimes and text us, which is hilarious. when we said we were going to a cheese shop for pday, he asked us what cheese meant, and he'll phrase things in the funniest way. So much fun. still working on my ASL!

speaking of languages, I think the Lord put me in Fremont because I'm the only one crazy enough to try to contact all of these here. week 1 was all persian and hindi, then it was telegu, then tamil, now russian and punjabi....we ran out of persian book of mormons! it is SO fun, I love it here. we're going to start a persian branch soon, just wait.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

(209) trespassing

                                                                  28 Oct 2013

transfers............sister ikegami is leaving.
and i'm not.
visa waiters never pass off areas so I did NOT see that one coming, now I have to remember everyone's names...and possible drive...the malibu...

anyway so this week should be super exciting. half of my heart's leaving with sister ikegami but hopefully my new companion is super awesome and has driving privileges (because we all know how much I love driving). we will find out tomorrow!

this week started off with Japanese Day...President took us all out to sushi down in San Jose (us all meaning the three japanese missionaries and their companions) which was soooo good. and then halfway through the week we finally went to the afghani restaurant we have been dying to check out for 10 weeks now. TOP 5 DISHES OF MY LIFE. Salong's. everyone come to fremont and eat there. So those two meals alone just made my week, it's like nothing else matters for another month or so.

but the missionary work (ahem i'm working, promise) is coming along well, one of our previous investigators is back into town, another has a baptismal date, and another is super uber potential and knows it's all true, so that should be coming along nicely soon. with any luck four of them will be ready for baptism in the next transfer (we'll see but hey, why not dream). we got to teach a lot of less active members this week too, who some of them are really going through hard times and have lots of problems right now, so it's been nice to be able to help them a bit.

funny story of the week: got kicked out of a gated apartment complex for trespassing since the member that we drop by every week didn't know we were coming, but the lady didn't know we had the car in glenmoor had to come rescue us and get the car so she wouldn't see us going back in, because none of the members that lived there answered their phone. we had these little notes on a couple of people in our records that said "evil complex lady" now we know what that means!  

the best thing about three wards is three halloween parties, I was sister Ikegami for two of them (it really threw people off, all we did was wear each other's clothes and switch nametags) and elder rollins REALLY WANTED US to be stick people with them for glenmoor's so we did that with glowsticks. it was fun though, a lot of people invited their friends and we got some investigators there. with any luck we'll get some potentials!

entao, this week is going to be an adventure, but I'll probably end up with an amazing companion and it'll be so much fun and I'll be heartbroken again when I/she leaves but that's life I guess. I'm making too many friends. goodness. and everyone has to leave. but that's okay, it's worth it. thankfully only one of the elders is leaving, and I still have time to work on my ASL! and one of our investigators wants to come to the asl class so we get to to go this week! I had a five second conversation with elder domingo (the deaf elder) yesterday so that was exciting. so far the most useful sentence has been "don't trust elder le beau, he's a liar."
I'm learning wonderful things.

tchau! ate proxima semana!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

(202) east bay west bay

                                                                   21 Oct 2013


            first off sorry for the lame emails i've been writing lately. i'm trying to budget my time better...but email time goes way to fast. and i forgot my camera I'll send pictures next week. 
            as carry over from last week, we had interviews down in San Jose, and every time president sees me he either 1 begs for my forgiveness for putting me in a trio for so long or 2 asks if i'm dying without hnas anderson and santidrian or 3 apologizes for the fact he doesn't know any more than I do about my visa. But it sounds like he might have me stick around in Fremont and actually pass off the area like a normal missionary, but we'll see. transfers are next week (sob) so either me or sister ikegami will get transferred. we are like the same person and we talk about everything and think the same way, it's been so nice. but all good things must end I suppose.
            we also had a super awesome orange picking adventure where we were inadvernently disobedient and may have climbed the tree a little high, but apparently that's a rule. oops. but we picked three heaping bags of fresh oranges and it took forever but we got some delivered to our landlady in mission peak (after getting lost but that's okay).
            and we may have gotten double dinner on accident monday (that was horrible). no one ever told me how much you are required to eat on your missions. be prepared everyone...if you get fed by americans you will get dessert every meal. and get bombarded by offers for seconds. 
            so this week! we started off last monday speedwalking...then running nearly 2 miles to dinner (okay we got lost). we let the elders have the car...and yeah. but hey, we got some exercise and contacts in. our new investigator tuesday has the craziest children I have ever met...we taught the restoration switching off halfway through so she could actually listen while the other entertained the kids.
             wednesday was one of those days where none of our plans worked out, because the Lord clearly had plans of his own which worked even better (naturally). and we learned our lesson saturday when we spent too much time weekly planning and forgot to really plan for the day...that was a disaster.
             we had exchanges with our STL sister best on Thursday/Friday, so I got to go to menlo park for the day, which was kind of exciting. I was with sister bender, who is the sweetest kindest most gentle thoughtful person, so I had to tone down the sass for the day. until we got to district meeting...the elders deserved it though. redwood city is gorgeous, I loved it. missed two new investigator lessons while I was gone though, but we got THREE more when I got back. Crazy. it was like christmas. but hey, we'll take it. I'll know by next week who is getting transferred, so this week I spend strategizing on all possible transfers and situations and it drives me crazy not knowing, but it's kind of fun at the same time.
             thank you all for all of your support, and for reading my blog even though I'm sure it's been really boring lately. I'm really sad I wasn't able to be around last week, but family I am praying for you and I love you so much! I'm glad grandpa is at peace now, I wish I could have been there. love you grandma!

             all right I think I wrote a novel, so that should make up for the last month. have a fabulous weekend and think of me when you are trudging through the snow and/or rain...I do kind of miss it. it was like 75-80 this week, I got sunburnt...welcome to california!

(196) salom

                                         15 October 2013

good week! absolutely crazy! but that's okay!

we had interviews on tuesday so we got to go down to san jose again, so we decided to do some investigating in the mission office of supplies in other languages. so we got a few persian book of mormons, some Hindi pass along cards, as well as chinese and spanish. so we set off on our multi-lingual contacting adventure...and everyone we met last week spoke Telegu (from southern india). So we'll be making our way back down to san jose soon to find some more stuff. it is really fun though to speak to all the people here, they are from all over.

we had so many potentials come out of nowhere this week! a family called us up with a friend who has agreed to all of the lessons, we got a few referrals out for potential FAMILIES as well as one we are hoping to teach in glenmoor! we never get to teach families, so that is really exciting. we managed to meet/exceed almost all of our goals so it's been working really well.

I did get bible-bashed for the first time this last saturday...she was so sweet and so concerned about our eternal welfare, but it was a good forty minutes of listening and nodding our heads and not really getting to testify. she went on about how the spirit told her to talk to us (hmm...), but she couldn't accept the book of mormon. but I did pass the test on all of the bible verses she asked me about, unfortunately we couldn't get much through to her. The bible is true! but so is the book of mormon! I really wish more people were able to get past that and read it, it has blessed my life so much. the Lord called prophets all over the world to testify of him, not just in Jerusalem. He loves all of His children around the world just the same!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

(180) joy in the journey

this week was GREAT, we are finally reaching a lot of our goals. Bad news is it is starting to get cooooold. relatively speaking of course, but I was not prepared for cool weather, even with the vast amount of clothes that I was able to shove in my suitcases.....oh well.

we've been working on contacting and finally exceeded our standards of excellence, which is the first time the fremont sisters have in probably...ever. so that's good! it wasn't even that hard, we just had to try to do it and make time, as well as find the opportune moments. Someday we are going to find an effective way to contact people in their cars...we were thinking of setting up a booth in the walnut building parking lot that everyone cuts to get home and making everyone take a card to pass...we'll run it by the zone leaders.

best news is that one of my favorite people ever commited to a baptismal date! she is so sweet and wanted to get baptized when she was younger but family contention kind of intervened. she wants to finish the book of mormon first so we are all going to finish it together! and i'm officially halfway through the old testament, which has been reeeeally hard. I mean love the bible and all, but 2 kings was a liiiitle hard to get through without nodding off a bit. there is a reason why I saved it for last, but hey, it's good for me. there are hidden gems in there! they're just sometimes...hidden.

we have been sharing inviting lessons with some members this week, and it has been so cool to see the spirit work. we all say a prayer and ask for names to come into their minds of people to invite to church, activities, etc. and every time they all think of friends every time. if you want an opportunity to share the gospel, it's a promise it will happen! read it's a miracle by elder anderson from last conference.

speaking of general conference I am SO EXCITED! everyone go watch it this weekend! saturday and sunday at 9 am and 3 pm PST on it's incredible and will change your life. I was having a hard week with the whole visa situation, it's been hard to be patient and not recieve an answer, but I know the Lord has a plan. I just want to know what it is! but oh well. he's just waiting for the kodak moment I suppose. but the relief society broadcast was amazing, I loved it. and we had a sisters retreat about just finding joy in the journey, that put a lot in perspective. and we get to go to the temple this thursday, my six month mark! couldn't be more perfect. so I'm happy!


this week was GREAT

we finally got our contacting numbers up. we try to talk to 20 people per day about the gospel, which sounds super easy, but in Fremont it is SO hard because everyone is in their cares. literally everyone. we've walked around for an hour and ran into six people. so we have been working on strategies to get those numbers up, since the only two places in fremont that have people walking around are the central park (who are 80 percent Hindu or Farsi speaking) and the Hub shopping center, so, naturally, there are always missionaries there. so we are avoiding those locations. but we found some new parks and neighborhoods!

AND WE GOT TO RIDE BIKES it was so fun. i'm sure if I had to ride a bike everywhere i would probably hate it, but we just switched with the elders for the morning and talked to so many people! and there were all in spanish, so I got a lot of referrals for spanish, but that's okay. so we are going to do that more often now.

and we got to go to urgent care again on saturday yayyyy I have the worst luck when it comes to companions, I think i've cursed them or something. sorry. but it also was a torrential downpour all day saturday so that was super fun! it was oregon weekend i guess.

we are working on finding more people to teach, our pool has gotten a little stagnant. but one of our investigators agreed to baptism, her father had previously been super against it, so hopefully all goes well. no one  made it to church this week but a couple would have, so we will see how that goes.

oh and I had the best grapefruit of my life today, I think i've been in california  this long just so I could eat that grapefruit (mom you would appreciate this). and I was in the middle of cooking today when I realized that a lemon would be perfect...and then remembered that we had a lemon tree in our backyard, so I ran out, grabbed one, and stuck it in and it was so nice. perks of living in california.

hope you are all having a great week. PS last time I checked the usps still sends mail here, if you feel so inclined. letters are the best! obrigada!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

(168) liver pate

16 September 2013

first off yes i'm still in fremont no I don't have my visa no I'm not getting transferred
(I might just copy/paste this in every correspondence with anyone in the future)
I promise I will let you all know when it happens!

but we had a really good week! we got two new investigators, and one of the ones we've been working with for a long time came to church! so that was really exciting. as you can see from the picture we (okay I) had to make a schedule for each sunday, it gets a little crazy with three wards/two buildings. but we at least made it to central park this week. centerville is overflowing with members, but glenmoor has been struggling with attendance, so we were trying to come up with ways to help, when we came across the ward mission plan! yes that has existed this whole time!

basically the plan for the year was to have 12 baptisms in the glenmoor ward by the end of the year. and so far they are at a whopping total of one! so we have a ton of work to do in the next three and a half months. we decided to come up with inviting lessons to share with each member and hopefully incre3ase referrals. our bishop is awesome and was totally all for it, so much so that he surprised us by announcing at the end of sacrament meeting "oh by the way we are getting 36 new investigators by te end of the year." Umm. Okay. Sounds good! so will will probably be working like crazy this week! we do get to do a don of fun stuff this transfer, like go to the temple and CONFERENCE and we have a sisters retreat next week, so it'll be fun!

160) misericordia

  9 Sep 2013

okay this week was FANTASTIC


We had been teaching her all summer; she was living with a member and we were able to get to know her and her family and teach all of them. Her mother and two oldest childern were baptized, but she hadn't ever felt like she should or that she had recieved a specific answer. so we were working with her and helping her develop her faith. my very last day in San Jose she agreed to be baptized, she had felt the spirit so strongly over the last couple of weeks. so this past week they were able to set up the date for this past saturday (the day I was waiting for the call our PHONE stopped working all afternoon, I thought I was going to die) and we got to go down and be there for her baptism! thankfully I can still speak spanish. and I found out that the family we were wroking with to come back to church has been coming every sunday, including the daughter we were really worried about, and having family home evening! it was definitely they highlight of my mission so far. AH i miss los alamitos.

this week went pretty well! we really need to get more contacts and people to teach, but we are doing okay. we had three correlation meetings yesterday and are working with all of the elders to cover all three of our wards. it is hard when we don't really have a home base to go to, since the elders cover the wards, but there are a few single sisters that we can try to visit. got a LOT of (nice) rejections from people who are very not interested in returning to church, but since we are sisters they give us hugs and say nice things, so it's okay.

fun things this week: it RAINED last monday! for like five minutes, but there was a double rainbow and everything! it was wonderful. but now it's hot again. our house is a disaster, and the yard is an absolute disgrace, so I've been weeding every morning for exercise, so it's made a huge difference already. we did come home to catch a guy stealing oranges from our front yard, so awkward. so i may have put "thou shalt not steal" in the front window...hopefully we don't get robbed. There was a police car staking out our neighbors last night so that's great.

Transfers are this next week, so I'll probably be moved again, guess we will find out on Saturday! if i get my visa this week I'll be in brazil next monday (CRAZY) but who knows what will happen. The Lord definitely has a plan for me here, guess I'll find out when I'm done here!